Antifa Plans to Protest Pro-Life Speaker at Cal State Fullerton Today

Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins plans to speak at California State University, Fullerton today — April 11. Antifa plans on meeting her there.


As Campus Reform reports, “NO Kristan Hawkins! Resist the Fascist Anti-Woman Agenda!” is the title of a Facebook event page. The event description reads: “The anti-choice agenda being pushed by Trump/Pence and their fascist movement is nothing less than preparing for the ground for a real-life ‘Handmaid’s tale’, with women completely enslaved and subordinated to a patriarchal order.”

Invoking The Handmaid’s Tale — a novel describing practices that closely mirror actual law in many Mideast countries — has been a popular means of protesting the Trump administration since Hulu released a filmed series of the book.

With no self-awareness, Antifa continues to call the violent silencing of speech “anti-fascist.” Now, they are throwing around the word “fascist” to describe those who abhor the killing of pre-born babies. These days, anyone who disagrees with Antifa — perhaps the world’s most popular fascist activist group — can find themselves labeled a fascist.

Opposition to abortion has never been a defining characteristic of fascism. In fact, progressivism and Nazism have always been quite fond of abortion. Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was a monstrous racist and fan of Hitler; her driving aim was to systematically wipe out non-white babies.


There are debates to be had about abortion, and those debates need to happen. While it’s unlikely that many minds will be changed anytime soon, civil debate isn’t about the final destruction of one side’s opinion. It’s about the right to speak one’s mind.

When Antifa tries to shut down a pro-life speaker, the actual impact will be the further publicizing of Hawkins’ ideas and even greater derision of Antifa from the vast majority of Americans who despise their brownshirt tactics.

I encourage Antifa to keep it up. I don’t want to interrupt my opponents when they’re making a mistake — but let’s hope the night ends with a productive speech, no violence, and the immediate arrest of any lawbreakers.


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