Writer Finds Reason to Tear Down Statues of Every President but One

President Donald Trump smiles during the National Prayer Breakfast, Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Presidents get statues of them erected in honor of the great deeds they accomplished. Granted, sometimes the only great thing they did was get elected.

However, recently there’s been a push to remove statues of “problematic” people. While it started with heroes of the Confederacy, it hasn’t ended there. Most recently, a town in California voted to remove a statue of President William McKinley because, despite everything else he did, he also signed a law that broke up the Five Civilized Tribes.


With that in mind, the Washington Free Beacon’s Alex Griswold decided to parody the “erase history” movement by presenting reasons to remove statues of each and every president — except one, who comes up squeaky clean.

Some of the early ones were easy. They were slave owners, and while that was acceptable to many back in the day, it’s not today and anyone who did it should be shunned retroactively.

Others were a bit trickier, of course. However, Griswold was able to find a reason to wipe out the memory of every U.S. president in history … except this guy:

  • Donald Trump– Nothing problematic yet.

Now, rest assured, sooner or later the Left will come up with a reason a Trump statue should be torn down that matches the severity of prior presidential sins. But there’s no real evidence yet of anything happening since he became president.

I’m not suggesting Trump is morally superior to past presidents, and Griswold isn’t, either. He’s simply saying that, by the standards of the rabid Left, there’s nothing now worth erasing him over.

The big takeaway from Griswold’s work is that the Left gets selectively outraged.


Even the presidents the Left tends to adore, people like FDR and JFK and even the monstrous Woodrow Wilson, did things the Left finds abhorrent in their political enemies.

When we look at historical figures like past presidents, it behooves us to recognize their flaws and their positives and the moment in time in which they served.

We should, you know, study history. Learn from it instead of erase it.

Frankly, every bad idea and good idea about law and society has played out on a grand scale and been analyzed by minds far more capable than those stomping on statues today. History will answer your questions if you put in the work.


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