Women-Only College Objects to Professors Using the Word 'Women'

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There’s something horribly wrong with the world when language is policed to such a degree that calling a woman a woman is controversial. However, that’s the world we live in.


The most recent example comes from Mount Holyoke College.

For those unfamiliar with Mount Holyoke, it’s a small college in Massachusetts with an enrollment of just over 2,200. All students are women.

That’s right. Mount Holyoke does not allow men. So you might think they would not have the absurd SJW issues with gender that you see at co-ed universities, because Mount Holyoke clearly believes that gender is a fact.

Nope. A school-produced guide titled Supporting Trans and Non-Binary Students instructs professors: “When discussing the student body, say ‘Mount Holyoke students’ rather than ‘Mount Holyoke women.'”

It adds: “Avoid making statements like ‘We’re all women here … ‘, or referring to ‘… the two genders.'”

Hold on: why might someone who does not identify as a woman be at an all-women’s school?

The guide continues: “[M]any students spend the first day of class braced against various types of disrespect … professors who mispronounce their names, call them by the wrong name entirely, misgender them, and so on.”


Mispronouncing names is not disrespect. I can’t tell you how many times “Knighton” was pronounced “Knightington,”or “Kingston.” I never thought of it as disrespect. Only a jerk would. But now, the jerks are running the show to the degree that professors are being instructed to have students introduce themselves.

And an all-women’s college doesn’t know what the hell an all-women’s college is anymore.

Campus Reform‘s Toni Airaksinen reached out to Mount Holyoke College for comment but apparently hasn’t heard back.



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