Kettering University Closed Due to Racist Graffiti

(Screenshot from WDIV 4 report on Kettering University graffiti incident, March 13, 2018)

Once again, an American college has paralyzed itself over racist vandalism before waiting for the investigation to conclude. Kettering University in Flint, Michigan, closed on Tuesday after racist graffiti was found in a residence hall. Further, the administration chose to hold an emergency campus meeting.


University President Robert McMahan said he was “deeply upset” by the graffiti that reportedly targeted black students, and for the “hurt this has caused to our entire campus community.”

Recent history has shown these types of incidents are sometimes later revealed to have been perpetrated as hoaxes, or “false flag” operations designed to promote a progressive political cause.

Any school that chooses to shut down the campus over this — whether due to pressure from the special snowflakes, or on its own initiative — is proving its incompetence. Whether a hoax or a legitimate incident, the school sends the message that awful people can cause a tremendous disruption with a few seconds of spray paint.

At the end of the day, it’s graffiti. It’s paint, for crying out loud. You tell the police, you call maintenance to remove it, and you look for the perpetrator. If you find the perpetrator, you figure out the motivation and punish them accordingly. You don’t shut down the school and call a campus-wide meeting if your intention is to send the message that your campus is too strong to be affected by idiots.


Congratulations, Kettering — you gave the vandals precisely what they wanted: attention and motivation. Meanwhile, you’ve made your students even less prepared to deal with adulthood, and unaware that real racism against minorities is all but gone in this country.


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