How the Aziz Ansari Incident Reveals the Fraud of Modern Feminism

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I spend a fair bit of my time being critical of modern feminism. Anyone who looks at my work here at PJ Media can tell that I’m less than thrilled with third-wave feminism, and that I don’t have the good sense to keep quiet to avoid being labeled a misogynist.


Of course, I don’t actually believe that women are inferior to men, nor do I believe that women should be kept at home in a bubble like an Ozzie and Harriet rerun. I just can’t agree with a lot of what I’ve seen from feminism lately.

Yet there is hope out there — hope that there are feminists who haven’t completely lost their minds.

Over at RedState, writer Paul Montagu highlights a few examples of feminists who aren’t ready to crucify a man simply because he has been accused. I read those, and found myself mostly agreeing with these women.

But the fact that they’re the exception, not the rule, is troubling.

When I was growing up, I really did think that feminism was the idea that women should be treated equally. This is an idea I supported then and still do today. I believe women should have the same opportunities as any man.

However, feminism won that fight. The law now requires that women have equal opportunities. Discriminating against a woman is illegal. Feminism won.

So, they shifted the goalposts. I’m not talking about the logical fallacy, but about the fact that they adopted an entirely different fight. They no longer want women to be treated equally, but to be treated as superior.

A woman can accuse a man of being clueless, such as the case of Aziz Ansari, and he’s supposed to be vilified. Ansari claims he believed the encounter to be consensual. Ansari isn’t alone on this. As much as I’ve enjoyed the schadenfreude, as it’s overwhelmingly been Leftist men being blasted for sexual harassment/sexual assault despite them constantly lecturing the rest of us on how to act, the attack on Ansari is feminism adopting that different fight. This is a witch hunt, not justice, as journalist Cathy Young notes.


This kind of thing is where many men, such as myself, are drawing the line. The idea that you are committing some horrid crime because you failed to read a woman’s mind is abhorrent. It gives women a terrifying amount of power in relationships, rather than equality under the law.

It’s good to see many feminists standing up against this. Feminism can’t claim that women are equally capable and deserving under the law, which they are, while also saying they’re helpless victims who should be excused for not being able to articulate the two-letter word “no.”

I’m sorry, but the two don’t mesh.

Women are capable, just like old-school feminists told us they are, and not scared little girls who need protection from adult responsibility. I’m glad to see there are still a few feminists who agree.



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