Feminist Professor Proud of Her Efforts To Combat 'Feminist Fatigue'

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A lot of women simply don’t identify as feminist at all, and feminists hate that. After all, any and all power they have comes from convincing women they’re still oppressed by The Patriarchy (TM).


The thing is, a lot of women are just tired of it. They’re sick of being told how awful they have it.

At least one professor is not going to put up with that. From Campus Reform:

Communications professor Katherine Cruger recently published an article on employing a “feminist pedagogy” teaching technique in her classes, describing it as a necessary response to students’ waning attention to feminist concerns.

Many of her students, Cruger has noticed, “seem to be experiencing a kind of feminism fatigue,” and are “wary to admit that they could ever suffer at the hands (or be the instrument) of imperialist white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy.”

This can be problematic for students, she worries, because without a strong understanding of feminism, students may be less inclined to engage in advocacy efforts, and less likely to feel that they could have an impact on society.

She was particularly perturbed by one anonymous student evaluation that was submitted several years ago, in which the student said the class had taught them “that I am allegedly totally oppressed or something,” adding that “these courses are all the same and I am sick to death of feminism.”

To fight this, Cruger implemented a feminist pedagogy tool called “challenge based learning” in her communications classes, asking students to “identify a challenge related to inequality and identity in their community” and intensively brainstorm possible solutions over the course of a semester.

Through the tool, Cruger says her students have learned to better appreciate feminist activism, noting that one student told her after the course that without activism, “we will be stuck in a heteronormative, racist society that never grows.”


Anyone else want to claim that colleges aren’t trying to indoctrinate students? Hmmm?

I thought not.

Cruger is explicit in her desires to indoctrinate students into feminist ideology, even if they believe they’re being treated fairly by society. Based on where she published this, I suspect other professors will soon be joining her in trying to radicalize female students.

Meanwhile, feminism still finds common cause with Islam, the most misogynistic faith. There are absolutely no efforts by feminists to improve the lot in life of women in Iran or Saudi Arabia, yet women there deal with real oppression every day.

Here, they have to invent oppression by attributing sexist motivations to any behavior, such as taking up a little too much space on public transportation or farting too loudly.

When women in the United States understand that, Cruger takes issue. She takes a captive audience of impressionable people and pushes them into believing that life is oh-so-horrible for American women. Worse, though, is that she seems proud of it.

And people wonder why I wish my kid could pursue his career dreams without going to college.


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