UC-Santa Cruz College Republicans Meeting Sieged by Protesters, Three Arrested

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Many on the right are getting sick of even trying to listen to the Left, and while that’s probably not ideal, it’s definitely understandable. After all, the Left is increasingly showing itself to have abandoned dialogue.


From The College Fix:

What is it with leftist activists seeing libraries as places to scream and threaten other students?

The College Republicans at the University of California-Santa Cruz faced a two-hour siege by protesters who said their very act of meeting quietly in the McHenry Library was “violent racist activity.”

To their credit, the CRs never fought back or screamed, and didn’t even call the police. That was a call made by school officials when it became clear the CRs were staying put and the protesters wouldn’t stop menacing them, according to Campus Reform.

Three protesters were quickly arrested when cops showed up.

Ringleader Haik Adamian put out the call on a student Facebook group to crash the Sunday night meeting of “white supremacist, fascist sympathizing” CRs, using scare quotes to say they should not have the “right of assembly” or “right of free speech” at a public university:

Heeding Adamian’s call, student activists disrupted the meeting by banging open the door to the meeting space and shouting accusations that the members were “fascists,” “racists,” and “white supremacists.” …

The commotion culminated in one of the student activists running out into the main library area screaming that there were “Nazis downstairs,” but while the gimmick drew several spectators, many of them expressed indignation at the actions of the protestors.


Unfortunately, it’s impossible to reason with people who see you as a Nazi, a fascist, or a white supremacist simply because you favor smaller government. There’s no reasoning with anyone who thinks you don’t have any rights simply because you hold the wrong political opinions.

There’s literally no excuse for the behavior of these thugs. I have to give some credit to the staff at UC-Santa Cruz. They responded appropriately by standing with the students who were well-behaved and belonged there. Had this occurred at some other schools — like Evergreen State, or Missouri — the College Republicans would likely have been in some danger.

The students who disrupted the event make a lot of accusations, but never offer real specifics. That’s not surprising, though. After all, just the word “Republican” is enough for some folks to act insane these days.


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