'Gender Neutral' Teacher Reassigned to Adult Education

An elementary school teacher named Chloe Bressack made headlines for what probably seemed like a simple request. At least to Bressack.

You see, Chloe Bressack —despite the feminine name — “identifies” as gender neutral and wanted students to use gender-neutral pronouns. Bressack sent a note home to parents on the topic, and things got…interesting.


Now, it seems that the school district has decided to transfer Bressack to an adult education program within the school system.

Chloe Bressack, the Canopy Oaks Elementary teacher who made national headlines last week for sending home a note requesting students use gender neutral pronouns when they address the teacher, is being transferred to another program within the district, Leon County Schools announced Tuesday.

Chris Petley, spokesman for the district, said Bressack will be transferred to the Adult and Community Education campus on Appleyard Drive to teach in its adult basic education program. The transfer takes immediate effect.

LCS administration met with Bressack Monday afternoon as well as Tuesday before the decision was announced.

“This afternoon I had an open conversation with Teacher Bressack. Given the complexity of the issue, we both agreed a different environment would be best for Teacher Bressack’s educational career and for the young students at Canopy Oaks,” Superintendent Rocky Hanna said in a statement.

Bressack put parents in the very bizarre position of having to explain sexual identities to small children. By insisting on gender-neutral pronouns, Bressack forced parents to have what had to be an uncomfortable conversation regarding sexuality, sexual identity, and other topics that small children probably didn’t need to have just then.

By transferring Bressack to an adult education program, at least then she will be interacting with people aged appropriately to comprehend that some people gender identify differently.


There is a push by the left to force these conversations on children, particularly with regard to sexual identity. However, it’s a very complex issue, one that transcends the mere idea that some people are born as boys but probably should have been born as girls. I could convey that to a kid if I had to. That still plays off the idea of there being, ultimately, two genders. You’re just saying the wiring is messed up.

But when we get into things like “gender neutral,” we start getting into murky waters that even many adults don’t fully comprehend.

I wonder if, in time, all these 58,000 genders will be seen as some kind of bizarre affectation people took on in the early 21st century and future generations will look at it and shake their heads at the silliness of it all.

Kind of like how I feel when I see a picture of some guy riding a penny-farthing.


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