Even Hobby Lobby Cotton Is Racist These Days

Leftists are probably wondering why no one takes claims of racism seriously anymore. After all, isn’t being racist the worst thing someone can be? Yet, they scream “racism!” and no one blinks an eye. Why is that?


Probably because everything is racist these days. Check out this complaint about Hobby Lobby:

This decor is WRONG on SO many levels. There is nothing decorative about raw cotton… A commodity which was gained at…

Posted by Daniell Rider on Thursday, September 14, 2017

Oh boy.

Is it wrong that I’m thinking about heading to Hobby Lobby in a bit to pick up some “home decor”? No, I’m not racist. I just think it’s freaking hysterical that cotton is now racist.

In fairness, out of the 150,000+ comments on this thread, there’s not a lot of support for this line of thinking. Unsurprisingly, most of the comments seem to be outright mocking the claim.

Unfortunately, mockery will only go so far in dissuading these people. Instead, it simply reinforces their belief that everyone is racist.

Yes,  slaves were used to pick cotton in the American South. However, that wasn’t the only place where cotton was grown and harvested. Egypt and India also produced cotton through the years. Also, cotton was grown well after the Civil War and the end of slavery. It’s been a vital part of the American agricultural economy since the founding of this country, and it continues to be.


Yet racism was a factor only a part of that time.

But that won’t prevent some whiny SJW with an axe to grind from making everything about them. They can’t imagine anyone wanting a sprig of a cotton plant that has nothing to do with racism. It’s kind of pathetic.

The social justice zealots need to understand something. This petty, pathetic crap is starting to go way too far. People are getting absolutely sick of how everything is supposed to be measured and weighed on the balance of social justice. They can’t snag a piece of home decor without it being labeled racist, for crying out loud.

So please, folks. Keep this up.

It won’t do any good, but it’ll give the sane part of America something to laugh at.


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