High School Student Tries to Force School to Abandon 'Warrior' Mascot

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There are days when you open up your browser, look at the news, and recognize that all will be right in the world. People are acting rationally, stupidity appears to be in decline.


This is not one of those days.

According to The College Fix, a high school student in South Carolina is taking issue with her school’s “Warrior” mascot because … white people:

A group of students at Wando High School in South Carolina recently started a petition calling for their campus to scrap its mascot, the “Wando Warrior,” saying it’s racist because white people killed and raped Native Americans.

Native Americans “are people that white people stole from, raped and murdered for their own benefit years ago and pushed to reservations and manipulated today,” the petition states.

Just a break to interject that the only one of those things Native Americans didn’t do was push people onto reservations. Let’s not play to the “noble savage” myth. We can debate whether it was self-defense or something else, but let’s not pretend the violence was a one-way street.

Anyway, back to this petition:

It goes on to argue the Wando mascot is not only racist “in and of itself,” it also normalizes racism in the eyes of children: “Young kids go to these football games or see the mascot and think it’s normal, or that it’s okay. It’s not. It’s racism. It’s normalized. And it needs to come to an end.”

Currently with nearly 500 signatures, the petition has created mixed reactions among students and alumni from the Mt. Pleasant public school.


In reality, the only people who go to football games, see the mascot, and come away thinking “racism is normalized” are social justice jihadis looking for reasons to create division.

Now, despite what I said in the opening, not everything is terrible. There is a counter petition … with 5,250 signatures.

Ten times as many people are telling these social justice zealots-in-training to give it a rest.


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