Two White Women Harassed for Wearing MAGA Hats at Howard University

A pro-Trump supporter takes part in a "Make America Great Again" rally in Salem, Ore., on March 25, 2017. (Photo by Alex Milan Tracy) (Sipa via AP Images)

There’s a lot for young minds to learn about in Washington, D.C.: the memorials alone make it worth the trip, but then you can hit the Smithsonian, tour the White House, see the Capitol, and so on.


Unless, of course, you commit the accidental sin of grabbing lunch at Howard University without hiding your MAGA hat:

So a young, white woman makes the “mistake” of wearing clothing that supports the “wrong” candidate into a cafe. Does she deserve public harassment?


For all of Trump’s sins, and they are legion, not once has he attacked the black community in any way, shape, or form. Further, he’s stated his commitment to HBCUs explicitly.

In fact, some HBCU presidents think Trump is a better friend to HBCUs than Obama.

As noted over at Twitchy, Howard apparently seems to feel that assaulting white women for having the wrong political opinions is perfectly fine. There’s been no claim that these women said or did anything. They were simply wearing Donald Trump gear.


Let’s just applaud the left, for a moment, for what they have accomplished politically.

They’ve done a masterful job of painting everyone who disagrees with them as racists, especially on college campuses. Trump gear is now forbidden on HBCU campuses, despite Trump’s willingness to work with these institutions. You don’t have to wave a Nazi flag, or even a Confederate flag, to be blasted as a racist bastard. You just have to show your support to the duly and lawfully elected president of the United States.

With that attitude, there’s literally no way to heal the racial divide. But the left has no interest in healing anything — just in winning by any means necessary.


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