SJWs Call for Blacklist in Game Development Community

If the social justice jihadis have their way about things, no one who has ever espoused an improper opinion will be permitted to hold a job. Anywhere.

That may sound like alarmist rhetoric, but take a look at a call to create what amounts to a blacklist for game developers and remember that this is hardly unusual.


From Heat Street:

Thought policing is alive and well in the new media as social justice activists ramp up their crusade to silence and de-platform “wrongthinkers” from producing content within their medium, citing issues as nebulous as “cyberviolence” as reasons to censor those who oppose progressive ideology.

Following the explosion of outrage against an independent game developer who once expressed views critical of feminism in the video game industry, outrage warriors are now calling for the industry to enact strict rules against hiring and associating with developers whose views do not align with feminist orthodoxy. The target of their ire, Tim Soret, is producing a game called The Last Night, which went viral at E3 2017 after its reveal.

Kramer, who lists “they/them” pronouns in her bio and sits on the board for Feminist Frequency, and manages Fez developer Polytron, has worked with Zoe Quinn, Christine Love, and numerous other large personalities in the gaming scene. Her words have been magnified and re-tweeted by hundreds of game developers and high-profile game journalists.“As developers, collaborators, publishers – we have to vet those we work with,” wrote Maya Felix Kramer, a queer activist and PR person in the indie game scene.

“If that sounds too bleak, you’re in a position of privilege,” continued Kramer. “We have to make our entities, companies, and studios have public policies and then hold our collaborators to those policies. We have to.”


A screenshot of Kramer’s call:


This comes on the heels of social justice jihadis forcing Brandon Eich out of Mozilla and numerous other cases where someone lost their job because they held opinions that aren’t on the approved list. In other words, no one is allowed to disagree with these people.

This isn’t vetting as most people think of it. This is a social justice witch hunt that they want to see occur to literally everyone in the gaming industry. It’s the Social Justice Inquisition that seeks out heresy wherever they can find it, and then those who espoused such heretical concepts will be purged.

And don’t think it’ll be contained to gaming for a minute. No, this is only one battleground. If it’s permitted to stand here, then it will spread to numerous other industries.

Maybe someday these people will recognize that 1984 was not an instruction manual.

I’m not holding my breath, however.



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