No Middlebury Students Involved in Violent Riot Get Expelled

This March 2, 2017, file photo shows Middlebury College students turning their backs to Charles Murray, unseen, during his lecture in Middlebury, Vt. A professor was injured in a melee afterward. (AP Photo/Lisa Rathke, File)

When Charles Murray agreed to speak at Middlebury College, he already knew he was considered controversial by the campus Left. But he never expected the degree of illiberal behavior of students during his speech. And as he and his host, Professor Allison Stanger, exited the building, she was injured and their car was violently attacked.


It was a riot.

Middlebury College has concluded its investigation. Despite the criminal behavior, the university “punished” the culprits with a slap on the wrist:

The sanctions were assessed following findings that students violated either or both of the institution’s Demonstrations and Protests and Respect for Persons policies.

In total, the College disciplined 67 students with sanctions ranging from probation to official College discipline, which places a permanent record in the student’s file. Some graduate schools and employers require individuals to disclose official college discipline in their applications.

Forty-one students received sanctions from the College administration for participating in the first stage of the disruptive protest in Wilson Hall. The remaining 26 students, who faced more serious consequences for actions in the hall and outside the building, were sanctioned by the College’s Community Judicial Board, which held group and individual hearings in May. The Community Judicial Board is empaneled from a pool of trained community members and, when hearing a case, consists of up to four students, two faculty members, and two members of the staff.

Information about individual student sanctions is considered confidential under federal law. Today’s announcement concludes the College’s review and response to the events of March 2.


In other words, rioting and assault didn’t get anyone expelled.

This information may need to be disclosed, but for many of those involved, it will never come up again and we all know it. This is nothing more than a slap on the wrist following a violent response to a controversial opinion.

Further, the Middlebury Police Department has been unable to identify Professor Stanger’s attacker, nor gather sufficient evidence to prosecute anyone for the damage caused to the vehicle during the incident.

Fascist college snowflakes have once again shown that, on a Leftist campus, they can hurt people with relative impunity because the institutions ultimately protect them from any real ramifications.

How might the investigation have proceeded if some of these students had been told expulsion was on the table unless they cooperated with police?

Would rioters — not that it would ever occur — against a Leftist speaker receive the same protective treatment?


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