YouTube SJW Laci Green Posts Video Confronting SJW Ideas

YouTube celebrity Laci Green is what many people think of as the quintessential social justice warrior. She’s a poster child for leftist intolerance — witness her post-election eruption on Twitter:


Classy, right? If that’s not the epitome of SJWism, I don’t know what is.

But Laci has since taken a break from her YouTube series, and done something most on the left never do: She went out and spoke one-on-one with people who disagree with her.

The people she’s been “othering” and demonizing all these years.

On Thursday, she released a new video that is somewhat surprising. First, she addresses her activities for the last couple months. Then she takes issue with the controversy surrounding Rebecca Tuvel, a philosopher, and a piece she published in an academic journal about how the arguments supporting transgenderism could also apply to “transracialists” like Rachel Dolezal.

What Green says sounds nothing like the person who wrote her Election Night tweet:

Seems oddly reasonable from the woman who brought us “F*** you, white America.”

It’s unlikely that Green has become a conservative or libertarian, but it is nice to see her embrace a more reasonable attitude toward something like Tuvel’s situation.

The truth is, no amount of the right blasting the SJWs on a situation like this will sway the rank-and-file leftists. They don’t care what anyone at PJ Media, Breitbart, The Federalist, or similar publications have to say.


However, Green taking issue with this behavior may have more of an impact.

Some leftists — the lion’s share of her 1.4 million viewers, I suspect — already have a favorable opinion of Green and her opinions. Her taking an issue with this stuff may make them stop and think and realize just how stupid all of this is.

And the ones who don’t stop and think? They will soon teach Green that the Left’s “tolerance” was all a big sham, hopefully driving Green further to the right and towards reality.

Meanwhile, Green hopes to create more dialogue between feminists and anti-feminists via a set of debates, which could be very interesting. Especially if both are willing to actually listen to one another.  Kind of like her debate with transgender anti-feminist Blaire White.


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