Gay Website Seems to Imply It's OK to Rape Drunk Straight Men

Everywhere in America, yet especially on college campuses, men are warned that women cannot give consent to sexual activity when drunk. However, the ability of a similarly drunk man to consent is rarely considered.


Obviously, it can be a crime to initiate sexual activity with an incapacitated person, whatever the gender. But the degree to which some view an incapacitated man differently than a woman is on full display here.

A recent study claims that seriously drunk men — as in “more than 10 drinks” drunk — report being suddenly interested in gay sex.

The study itself — wherein the “researchers” approached 83 men who were out barhopping, and somehow got men who had claimed to have had ridiculous amounts of alcohol to not only understand what they were being asked, but to take it seriously — is nonsense, but that’s for another article on the downfall of the scientific community.

The study was picked up by a gay website, though. And their article sure seems to imply that raping drunk straight men is just fine:

The study was published on The Journal of Social Psychologyand later reported by Vice. In the study, straight men who had just been drinking were asked to fill a survey detailing how much they had to drink.

Then, they were shown a 40 second video clip of either an attractive woman or an attractive man sitting in a bar, and were asked to rate how willing they were to perform certain acts with the person in the video — from chatting to sex.

In fact, those guys who had more than ten drinks, were as interested (sexually) in the man, as they were with the woman.

Remember, though, that this doesn’t take homophobia into account — so things can get risky in a real-life situation.


Note that last line.

Gaybuzzer (the article is attributed to “Gaybuzzer staff”) wants its readers to know that if they are going to take this “information” and consider initiating sexual activity with an incapacitated straight man, they should remember that could land them in prison for rape.

Just kidding.

They actually seem to tell their readers that being a rapist could get you assaulted, so choose your victim wisely. Because hatred of gays — and not, you know, hatred of being raped — could result in you getting a beatdown.

What other implication is to be drawn here? The article identifies absolutely no moral barrier to approaching an incapacitated straight man.

What if this study had concluded that attractive women suddenly find geeky-looking guys attractive after ten drinks, and a geek-culture website said the following?

Remember, though, this doesn’t take the bar’s bouncer into account, so things can get risky in a real-life situation.

That would result in a firing and a public apology from the outlet, for damn good reason.


Feminists love to claim that feminism is for men, and that Leftism is about tolerance and respect for all regardless of identity. But where are they? Where is the feminist outrage over this? Where is the Left? Where are the articles decrying “rape culture”?


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