Rape Victim Defends Judge Who Warned Women About Drinking

A judge in the UK has been under fire for suggesting that the drunken behavior of some women might put them at risk of sexual assault. Immediately, claims of “victim blaming” were made after the judge used the example of a young woman who was assaulted while she was drunk outside of a fast food restaurant.


The judge has an unlikely champion defending her, however — the very woman from her example has stepped up and said the judge was right:

Megan Clark, 19, was raped by a man she met in Burger King when she was drunk after a night out in Manchester.

The trial sparked controversy after the judge said the drunken behaviour of some women was putting them at risk.

Miss Clark told the Victoria Derbyshire programme the judge told women to “be careful”, saying it was “good advice”.

The teenager, who waived her right to anonymity to speak to the programme, said she took the judge’s comments in “a positive way”, adding that she did not believe she was “victim-blaming”.

“She was right in what she said,” Miss Clark said, in her first interview.

Good for Clark.

For years, rape wasn’t treated like other crimes. In criminal cases, defense attorneys often asked questions about how the victim was acting and how she was dressed to justify the violent assault their clients visited upon the innocent. Today, we’re fortunate that there has been some pushback on such behavior.

Unfortunately, however, we’ve gone too far the other way.

If you suggest that someone not visit an ATM in a sketchy neighborhood, it’s taken as good advice. Suggesting that a woman do anything to mitigate her chances of being a target, however, is immediately taken as some effort to blame her if she is raped.


“Men should be taught not to rape,” the feminists say.

No, real men don’t need to be taught not to rape. They already know. And they jump to defend women in trouble.

We’ve taught people not to steal or murder, but those crimes keep happening, too.

How effective do you think yet another campaign to teach rapists not to rape is going to be? There’s a better chance of ISIS rebranding itself as The Happy Funtime Hour and changing its focus to wholesome children’s programming.

All the judge did was suggest something that any responsible adult should be able to understand.


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