Student Discovers Previously Unknown Form of Oppression

Does the American liberal college student get a bad shake? Yes, they might be wrong about the vast majority of their positions, but they typically mean well, right?


I’m not so sure. Take a look at the “Oppression Olympics,” and you’ll see that many view everything through a “me-first,” “I’m a victim,” self-interested lens. For example, now a student is claiming that the Leftist anger itself against President Trump’s travel executive order and his illegal immigration stance is anti-black.

She says that people are talking only about Muslim and Hispanic “victims,” and not black “victims,” and that itself is a new form of racism.

Folks, I can’t make this crap up:

The issues of illegal immigration and the travel ban are important to discuss and confront — but the dialogue is also too focused away from how they impact black people, and thus contain “anti-black” sentiments.

That was one point among many offered up at Loyola University Chicago’s inaugural Social Justice Symposium on Saturday.

The anti-black comments came during one of the event’s breakout sessions, proffered by undergraduate student Keesha Moliere, who argued anti-blackness pervades recent immigration and environmental movements.

Moliere, a Haitian-American, said protests against President Donald Trump’s travel ban, recent deportations, and environmental movements ignore the intersectionality of black individuals and how they are affected by these issues.

While saying they are great movements, she said the travel ban protests included a “lack of visibility of black Muslims,” deportation protests focus primarily on Latinos and don’t account for the prevalence of black immigrants and the environmental movement needs to also discuss “environmental racism.”


In other words, Moliere is upset because identity is all that matters to Leftists, and her identity isn’t taking the gold medal for “Most Oppressed” this season.

When Black Lives Matter dominated the news cycle, activists who felt that blacks were at the top of the oppression pyramid had all the attention they could ever want. But now that the news has moved on to topics that don’t drive Leftist journalists to seek out black activists? Well, that’s tough when identity is everything …

Unless, somehow, she can twist that lack of attention into an innovative new form of oppression.

People, everything not explicitly about you isn’t slighting you. For example, I hadn’t typed the word “gay” in this article yet, but that doesn’t mean this piece is anti-gay.

Part of me hopes the SJWs continue with these iterations of the Oppression Olympics indefinitely, as they never cease to provide a great deal of laughter.


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