'Anti-Racism' Movement Reveals It Has Misleading Name

Huge crowd out on the streets of Athens, Greece, on 18 March 2017 protested against the EU/Turkey treaty on the refugee/immigrant issue, that was signed one year ago. Protesters, both immigrants and Greeks, demand the opening of the European borders and a safe passage for all refugees. (Photo by Maria Chourdari/NurPhoto) (Sipa via AP Images)

The political left does one thing pretty well: they are good at falsely characterizing an argument in order to make their opponents seem like pure evil.

Take, for example, a recent “anti-racism” demonstration in the UK. Sounds like a positive development, yes?


Well, that’s not what they were protesting at all:

Protesters have travelled to join the protest in London from the early hours. Young Labour member Becky was among a group of sixth form students who got on a Stand Up To Racism coach from Darlington at 6.45am.

She told Socialist Worker, “We heard about the national demonstrations after one of our members went to a protest against Donald Trump in Newcastle earlier this year.

“After the election of Trump as US president there’s been a lot more racist rhetoric around. We have to stand up in solidarity with people around the world.”

The day is part of an international day of action against racism that will see protests in cities across Europe. It was initially called by the anti-racist movement in Greece. Marchers are furious at government attacks on refugees, Islamophobia and the scapegoating of migrants.

University students joined the Glasgow demonstration. Amani said, “It’s important to show there’s opposition against scapegoating.“Alba added that marches helped “express ideas and show we’re not ok with racism”.

Note the phrase I highlighted? “Scapegoating,” of course, describes what they claim people opposed to mass immigration from terror hotbeds are doing. The above mentions of President Trump refer to his harsh stances against both illegal immigration and Islamic terrorism.


The Left has redefined these positions to paint them as forms of racism, rather than engaging in a meaningful debate over the merits of the arguments. Rather than labor through a conversation they cannot rationally win, they simply declare anyone who disagrees with them “racist.” Racism is evil, so the charge delegitimizes their opponents.

Ignore the fact that Trump has only attempted to halt immigration from seven nations. Ignore the fact that Trump has only expressed a desire to stop illegal immigration flowing across the border with Mexico.

There are obvious problems regarding unfettered immigration, accepting refugees from terror hotbeds, and any of the other issues being talked about. When the opposition simply dubs itself “anti-racist,” they’re not really interested in joining the adults trying to have a conversation. They also do a terrible disservice to those suffering from actual racism around the world.

Not coincidentally, but definitely ironically, the seven countries on Trump’s list are infested with nightmarish racism.


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