Amid Fears of Lesbianism, Nursing College in India Bans Locked Doors

LGBT Solidarity Rally at Stonewall, New York, USA - 04 Feb 2017 (Rex Features via AP Images)

If you listen to the LGBT community here in the West, you’d think the United States is the worst place in the world to be gay. Talk of oppression and mistreatment and even subconscious “microaggressions” is offered as proof of how bad they have it.


A lot of perspective is needed.

Take what is apparently happening in India at Kerala College, where reports say female nursing students have been banned from locking their dorm rooms while inside — because lesbian relations may happen:

A Kerala nursing college has allegedly asked students not to lock the doors of their rooms as they might get involved in homosexual activities.

Yes, you read that right!

And that’s not all, the college management has also blocked internet access in the library claiming that the students will use it only to watch porn.

They are also not allowed to use cell phones and only have access to the college landline on alternate days.

American college students think they have it rough?

While I routinely refer to many of the special snowflakes on American college campuses as “children,” that is borne of the belief that they should be acting like adults. After all, they’re generally treated as such; expecting them to act like they warrant such treatment seems reasonable.


Meanwhile, it sounds like Kerala does the exact opposite. Their oppression of young adults mirrors how a restrictive parent would treat minors — a situation that simply cannot happen in the United States, where an 18-year-old is granted sovereignty.

The LGBT community here can go about their daily lives encountering little resistance. If someone interferes with their life, liberty, or property, they can turn to the legal system like anyone else. And colleges certainly aren’t trying to keep them celibate, nor are they acting as if opportunity is the only thing that might make someone gay.

Let’s try to keep the world in perspective, okay? Straight or gay, the United States grants you your fundamental rights.


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