Student Who Recorded Professor's Anti-Trump Tirade Is Suspended

(Student Caleb O'Neil with his lawyer at their OCC Press Conference. Photo: YouTube)

Orange Coast College wasn’t particularly happy when a video surfaced showing one of their professors giving an anti-Trump tirade. However, rather than take issue with the professor who used her classroom as a bully pulpit for her political thoughts — including calling the election of Donald Trump “an act of terrorism” — the school instead took issue with the student who recorded the rant.


When classes resumed recently, posters warned students that recording in class without permission was against school policy. Now the student has been suspended:

An Orange Coast College student has been disciplined after secretly recording his professor’s in-class speech, during which she called the election of Donald Trump as an “an act of terrorism”.

College authorities suspended the student for the entire spring semester and demanded him to write a letter of apology to his instructor, as well as a three-page essay of the damages caused by the incident.

Freshman Caleb O’Neil filmed his college professor, Olga Perez Stable Cox, calling the election of Donald Trump “an act of terrorism” during her human sexuality class.

The video revealing Cox saying to students that the nation is divided was posted on YouTube, after which it was widely shared. “We have been assaulted. It is an act of terrorism”, Cox can be heard saying.

O’Neil later explained he filmed the teacher because she knew that he is a Trump supporter and he needed evidence in case he ends up being bullied during his exam.

He has to apologize to the woman whose salary he pays? Who equated an election with the murder of innocent civilians? You have got to be kidding.

While professors can and should be able to have academic freedom to say what they want, they should temper that with some understanding that a human sexuality class isn’t the place to pontificate on American politics except as it directly relates to the subject at hand. Comments about gay marriage?  That’s fine. Comments on immigration? Not so much.


O’Neil had cause to be concerned. Following the election, while many of the so-called “hate crimes” against minorities to be hoaxes, there were many documented cases of assault on Trump supporters.

O’Neil said he was simply concerned about getting screwed on an exam, and his concerns were well-founded. Having a grade messed with by a bullying professor has been a common complaint from conservative students since long before Trump’s election.

Supposedly it was against school policy, and O’Neil broke that. But it doesn’t sound like that policy had been enforced until now.

And what if a male teacher had been supporting Trump, or ranting about Hillary Clinton? Would O’Neil be suspended for recording that? Would the teacher still have a job? Of course not.

Watch your back, college students. The Left really is out to destroy you.


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