Is 'Range 15' the Least Politically Correct Movie Ever?

Movies, like most other entertainment, seem to be leaning more and more towards the politically correct end of the spectrum. Worse, liberal entertainers denigrate the military in real life while hypocritically donning uniforms and wielding guns in front of the camera to sell tickets.


Enter Range 15, an independent film that came to fruition via veteran-owned and -oriented businesses, a crowdfunding campaign, and a whole lot of veteran attitude.

The plot of Range 15 is pretty straightforward: a group of vets get thrown in jail after a rowdy night of partying, only to wake up and find themselves in the zombie apocalypse. Rather than freak out, however, the characters are thrilled when they realize zombies are everywhere and they’ll have to fight their way out.

Yeah, this ain’t your mama’s zombie movie. That become apparent in one scene where the intrepid heroes shoot up an oncoming swarm of zombies in slo-mo while Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” plays. That scene alone had me giggling for hours after the movie finished.

The real treasure of this film may well be the insane silliness of it — coupled with its complete lack of respect for the political left.

UFC fighter and former Green Beret Tim Kennedy takes on a zombie Randy Couture in an MMA match. The characters enter the home of a group of gun-control advocates, only to find they’ve managed to kill one another out of fear of zombies. Then they proceed to mock the dead.

Additional cameos come from the likes of William Shatner and Sean Astin, and also from veterans like Marcus Lutrell (former seal and author of Lone Survivor), Medal of Honor awardees Leroy Petry and Clint Romesha, and Paris train terror-attack thwarters Spencer Stone and Alek Skarlatos.


Don’t expect Oscar-winning acting. These men, including lead Matt Best, are funny and sincere in their desire to entertain with their roles, but they’re not actors: Best is a popular YouTube personality, and the other principal characters will be familiar to fans of Best. However, you’re not going to rent Range 15 to see something the Hollywood back-patting crowd will love. In fact, with its gleeful embrace of crude humor and non-leftist ideology, Range 15 is everything Tinseltown hates about flyover country.

Best of all, it gores liberalism’s sacred cows without a hint of bigotry. Guess what, Hollywood: criticizing the left and being a terrible person have nothing to do with each other. The bigotry in this country is how you treat us.

Range 15 is available for purchase or rental at Amazon.


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