'Women's March' Organizers Planning 'A Day Without Women'

While there were a ton of women at the Women’s March (and no, I’m not body-shaming), their vague demands and lack of focus mean it accomplished little except letting organizers and attendees feel good about themselves.


Now, it seems the brains behind that waste of time and money have hit on another brilliant plan:

Unsurprisingly, some leftist sites are already onboard with the plan, despite the complete lack of specifics:

If the Women’s March, a protest of unprecedented size (and don’t let it be forgotten by the “pro-lifers” who are angry that their march didn’t get equal media attention), was any indication, there are enough “nasty women” out there to make a serious statement with future actions. So what’s next? A day when all work grinds to a halt due to the absence of women, it seems.

That’s how we’d imagine it, anyway, but we have little in the way of hard details to go on at this point. All we know is that the official Twitter account for the Women’s March organizers sent out the above tweet, promising a “General Strike: A Day Without a Woman” on a date to be determined. (Buzzfeed has since published an update that the Women’s March organizers will meet the people behind the planned national general strike, currently set for February 17.) The lack of information aside, it already seems there’s plenty of excitement to participate surrounding the announcement on social media.

It’s cute how they think they’ll accomplish anything besides making life more difficult for women who take part in the strike.


After all, women aren’t unionized as such. There aren’t any employment protections in place for participants in this “strike.” Women who decide to show up for work may well find themselves out of a job, and termination for such a thing may well interfere with future employment.

Apparently they intend to show employers that women are as valuable as men in the workplace, but ironically — unless the lie about being able to pay women less money was actually true — women have no claim of being more valuable employees at the vast majority of jobs then men. And millions of men could really use a job right now.

So go skip work due to some asinine “strike,” and it may well work against you. You may get replaced by another woman, or by a man. At the very least, you’ll definitely be sending a message to your employer that vague political statements matter more to you than their job.


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