'Winning Democrats' Facebook Group Unintentionally Explains Why They Lose

Meme from the Facebook page, "Winning Democrats." No, this is not a case of Poe's Law at work either.

Memes on Facebook aren’t known for being particularly insightful. They’re cute little pictures with easily digestible tidbits that give people who agree with them a reason to pat themselves on the back, while giving those who disagree with them a reason to roll their eyes.


Then there’s gems like this from the not-satirical Facebook page for “Winning Democrats,” a group that currently has a hair over 1.2 million likes, that reveal a lot more:

Meme from the Facebook page, "Winning Democrats." No, this is not a case of Poe's Law at work either.

Meme from the Facebook page of “Winning Democrats”

Winning Democrats on the whole — you need to check out their page — and this representative meme in particular pretty much demonstrate everything you need to know about 2016. For decades, progressives have been trying to shut down disagreement with their ideas by smearing the opposition. Enough Americans simply got tired of it this time.

Let’s look at that picture: how old do they think everyone criticizing the snowflakes actually are?

Because it’s obviously not just people old enough to have experienced segregation who have had it with the perpetually offended. For example, me. I grew up sharing water fountains, and anything else, with people of every ethnic stripe and not once raised an objection.

Of course, the Winning Democrats crowd doesn’t much care for reason. For example, what thought process managed to equate “don’t get offended so easily” … with segregation?


All of this is especially hysterical considering it was the Democrats calling for segregation way back then. True story. Conservatism has never and will never back such an idiot idea, because equal protection under the law is sacred to us.

And who is out there still calling for segregation these days? Hint: It isn’t us.

Just as with phrases like “mansplaining,” or “tax cuts for the rich,” these mindless nuggets are just a way to tell people to shut up and to feel superior without needing to put in the work of critical thought.


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