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Big-Government Republican Kasich Proposes New Agency to Spread Judeo-Christian Values

Wearisome little man.

As part of a broad national security plan to defeat ISIS, Republican Presidential candidate John Kasich proposed creating a new government agency to push Judeo-Christian values around the world.

The new agency, which he hasn’t yet named, would promote a Jewish- and Christian-based belief system to four regions of the world: China, Iran, Russia and the Middle East.

“We need to beam messages around the world” about the freedoms Americans enjoy, Kasich said in an interview with NBC News Tuesday. “It means freedom, it means opportunity, it means respect for women, it means freedom to gather, it means so many things.”

He defended creating a new government agency at a time when fellow Republican presidential candidates discuss eliminating government agencies to making the government smaller.

“There’s nobody who’s spent more time shrinking government and cutting budgets than I have,” Kasich, the former head of the House Budget Committee said, adding that not all government programs are equal.

Let’s get this cleared up here: I’m a big fan of Judeo-Christian values. I am not, however, a big fan of government agencies.

As part of his implosion/mental breakdown, Kasich keeps confusing his present-day self with the John Kasich who was in Congress almost twenty years ago. Yes, he was an OK conservative when he was in the House of Representatives. Since he became Governor of The State Republicans Desperately Need, however, he’s been a populist fan of federal expansion. What’s worse is that he tries to back up his new federal lust with “you’re a bad Christian” admonishments of anyone who disagrees with him.

This sort of thing could be written off as a campaign sop to the religious base (most of whom aren’t supporting Kasich), but Kasich is enough of a government loon to actually try it.

The country needs another bloated, taxpayer-funded agency like it needs an Obama third term. Let’s send John Kasich back to Ohio and they can figure out how to send him into political irrelevance.