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More Fallout at University of Missouri: Student Files Assault Complaint v. Faculty

Who doesn’t love watching the Left crack up?

One of the MU employees seen physically forcing a freelance photographer to move at a Concerned Student 1950 camp Monday has been placed on administrative leave, effective immediately. Mark Lucas, director of the Department of Student Life, sent the following statement late Wednesday afternoon: “Effective Nov. 11, 2015, Janna Basler has been placed on administrative leave and relieved of her duties as Director of Greek Life while we conduct an investigation regarding her recent actions.”

In a video by MU student Mark Schierbecker, which has been widely circulated, Basler is seen with her arms outstretched walking toward and eventually touching Tim Tai, a student photojournalist on assignment for ESPN. Basler issued an apology Tuesday night, saying she regretted how she handled the tense situation at the campsite and that she respected journalists. Schierbecker is a senior photographer for The Maneater, a student newspaper at MU.

The other MU employee, Melissa Click, an assistant professor in the Department of Communication, also apologized Tuesday. In the video, she is seen telling Schierbecker to leave and calling for some “muscle” to move him away from the camp. On Wednesday night, Schierbecker said he filed a “municipal simple assault” complaint against Click with the MU Police Department. He claims she physically and verbally assaulted him.

Schierbecker said he thought Basler should resign, “and if not, she needs to be removed. “Click should also go. Even more so,” he said. “That’s my number one priority at the moment, is making sure she never teaches ever again.” Click resigned Tuesday night from a courtesy appointment in the Missouri School of Journalism, which allowed her to serve on graduate committees. She has also resigned from the Chancellor’s Student Publications Committee.

Well, sin in SJW haste, repent at victimized leisure:

After seeing the video, Brian Brooks, a former associate dean of the Missouri School of Journalism, filed formal complaints against Basler and Click with the Title IX office at MU. Brooks said Wednesday he filed reports early Tuesday afternoon, adding Wednesday that he hadn’t received a response from the office. As a part-time MU employee, Brooks is a mandated reporter of possible Title IX incidents, which involve discrimination based on sex. “The university gave all of us training based on Title IX, and any kind of harassment was to be reported,” Brooks said in an interview Wednesday. He said Click “has proven herself unfit to teach at the University of Missouri.”

Good analysis from the Washington Post, here. Even some of the professional Left are repulsed by what we are witnessing in Missouri, a state that has been a thorn in America’s side since the Missouri Compromise, and more recently has given us Ferguson. Pace Marx, history really does repeat itself, first time as 1960s’ tragedy and then as 21st-century farce.

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