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Bloomberg Gun-Grabbers to Present 'Proposal' to White House Today

Everytown for Gun Safety will be unveiling a new gun-control proposal today, and the group claims the White House could adopt it without input from Congress.

This is how our republic functions now — the White House and its auxiliary interest groups conspire about how to “beat” the Constitution and make an end-run around Congress with “regulations.”  It didn’t work out so well for Obama’s executive amnesty; we’ll have to wait and see how it works out for the anti-gun crew.

CBS News writes, “The group’s recommendations target laws for sellers who make occasional sales versus those who are said to be engaged in the business — or rather, gun hobbyists versus gun dealers.”

Its report calls for the president to codify who is engaged in the business of selling guns. Someone who sells more than 25 guns a year, it recommends, should be considered a gun dealer and subject to federal regulations.

Everytown also wants the president to define what counts as a “personal collection” of firearms. The law currently exempts gun sales from a person’s personal collection from federal checks.

I’ve discussed this stupidity before. At the moment, the people who are considered gun dealers under the law are businesses that “devote time, attention, and labor to dealing in firearms…with the principal objective of livelihood and profit.” As an official gun dealer, a business is bound by the federal regulation of firearms sales.

An attorney for Everytown argues that if the law were more defined it would cut down on gun trafficking. Attorney Elizabeth Avore says the White House could implement this through the regulatory process. The Everytown buffoons admit these potential regulations wouldn’t have stopped the mass shootings in Oregon, Ft. Hood, Texas, or anywhere else guns were purchased legally to commit mass slaughter. As I have written before:

We now know that the Oregon shooter purchased his weapons legally and passed a background check to do so. “All were traced to a federal firearms dealer,” said Celinez Nunez, an agent with the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The Sandy Hook shooter stole weapons from his mother.

The Aurora movie theater shooter bought his guns legally and passed a  background check.

The man who shot former congresswoman and gun-control activist Gabrielle Giffords passed a background check.

The man who shot two Virgina journalists live on the air passed a background check.

So what’s the point?

It turns out that according to Everytown, it doesn’t matter what the point is — they just want more laws. “If the threshold for being a ‘good’ policy is whether it prevents all future gun violence in America, we’ll will never take another step toward making our communities safer, because there is no single solution to this epidemic,” Everytown’s director of research Ted Alcorn said.

The question is, will it prevent any gun violence in the future at all? Will these “micro gun dealers” targeted by the new proposal even obey these regulations? Will the folks who sell guns to gang members on the South Side of Chicago register as gun dealers with the federal government? The ones in Baltimore? I’m guessing no.

I’m sure one of the RKBA groups will take this to court if Obama tries to use executive power to institute these regulations.