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As FBI Steps Up Interviews, Preliminary Inquiry into Hillary's Emails May Now Be 'Full Blown Investigation'

Still happening, kids.

Even as Hillary Clinton tries to put questions about her private email server behind her, the FBI has stepped up inquiries into the security of the former secretary of state’s home-made email system and how aides communicated over email, POLITICO has learned.

The FBI’s recent moves suggest that its inquiry could have evolved from the preliminary fact-finding stage that the agency launches when it receives a credible referral, according to former FBI and Justice Department officials interviewed by POLITICO.

“This sounds to me like it’s more than a preliminary inquiry; it sounds like a full-blown investigation,” said Tom Fuentes, former assistant director of the FBI. “When you have this amount of resources going into it …. I think it’s at the investigative level.”

One of the greatest political sleight-of-hand feats in recent history has been the Democrats’ united front about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal being nothing more than a partisan political attack even though the reason it won’t go away is because the FBI is still looking into it. It is difficult to make the case for the FBI being a purely political attack dog, mostly because it isn’t. Conspiracy theory fans might be able to craft a fantastical connect-the-dots scenario to make it seem so, but that doesn’t change reality.

Mrs. Bill’s scandal is sticking around because it is, and always has been, a potential breach of national security that any responsible United States official who swore to defend the Constitution should want to be thoroughly cleared up.

The elected officials who still insist this is a political hit job are egregiously violating their oaths of office.