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Al Sharpton Productions: 'Voter Suppression' Theatre

Al Sharpton’s National Action Network is producing a Washington D.C. theater production on voter “suppression.”

The play will be performed tonight at the Shiloh Baptist Church in Washington D.C. with hopes of more performances to follow.

Without any apparent sense of the irony, the National Action Network play is called “When Truth is Not Enough.” The play stars Dominique Sharpton.  It is produced by NAN’s “Social Justice Ministry and the Music and Arts Ministry.”  (See, Inside One More Sketchy Sharpton-Family Nonprofit.)

sharpton voter play

The play is not a farce, despite this announcement:

It was announced today that the acclaimed not for profit theatre company, Cause Celebre, Ltd. and the National Action Network, a not for profit civil rights organization founded by the Reverend Al Sharpton are presenting WHEN TRUTH IS NOT ENOUGH, a compelling new play about voter suppression. …

WHEN TRUTH IS NOT ENOUGH is written by noted New York based playwright Susan Charlotte. Ms. Charlotte is also the founder of the Cause Célèbre, a not-or-profit theatre company which connects theatre and film with important issues.

The response each time to the play, which revolved around a black woman’s traumatic experience the day that she tries to vote, was electric. The Q & As were filled with passion as audiences showed that their voices would not be suppressed. . . .

The play takes place on election day, 2012 in a voting center. Margaret, an eighty year old black woman who has voted all her life, is faced with a question that she thought she would never have to answer: “Where is your voter ID?” She is told she must have a passport or a driver’s license. Her response:

“I don’t have no passport. But that doesn’t mean I can’t vote. And they lost my birth certificate. But don’t mean I wasn’t born.”

Voter ID lawsuits have been characterized by an inability to find plaintiffs who actually cannot obtain voter ID.