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Dr. Ben Carson Is a Prophet. Are We Listening?

Dr. Ben Carson has openly said from the beginning that God called him into the Presidential race. It’s one of many statements for which he has been mocked incessantly by both the liberal and conservative establishments. I’m going to do something totally radical here and pose the question: What if he’s telling the truth?

To be sure, Carson isn’t a media whore like Trump, nor is he a seasoned politician like Cruz, Rubio or the litany of other forgettable men looking to grow in their chosen professions. What Carson is is a world-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon who recently retired with an immensely impressive resume of successes on which to rightfully rest and enjoy his senior years. Instead, he’s touring the country, selling countless books and putting himself out there, not for his own sake, but for the sake of the nation. His goal isn’t to sell himself to the American people, but to use his character and his life’s story to “heal, inspire, revive” the nation.

Carson’s humility exudes from the podium, so much so that he’s been mocked for it by Trump as well as the establishment media. The truth is that his detractors despise him for being able to maintain his cool under fire. Calm politicians breed calm news, and calm news rarely gets ratings. Which is probably why Politico jumped on the Hate Carson bandwagon, telling lies about Carson that were then thrown in his face by CNN. The lies angered Carson and for a second you wondered if he was going to lose his cool. It would be his right to do so. Every prophet did.

Yes, I said “prophet” not candidate, and I said it for a reason. Carson once declared that he told God, “Lord, you be the neurosurgeon, I’ll be the hands.” At that point Carson chose the life of a prophet, whether he knew it or not. Unfortunately for him (and his family) God doesn’t believe in retirement. God raises up prophets to warn His people when they are going astray. He did so quite a few times in ancient Israel, mostly to no avail. The majority of the population abused, expelled or committed crimes far worse against the prophets in their midst. Their ignorance proved to be the source of their destruction.

Whether you want to call him a prophet or not, Ben Carson is America’s litmus test. Whether you can envision him as our President or not is immaterial. His very presence is evidence of the place of respect God’s moral authority once had over our nation. The treatment he is receiving at the hands of the mainstream media and the Republican Party faithful is demonstrative of how far we have strayed from our Biblical roots. Carson is more, I’ll even say better than a Presidential candidate now – he is a prophetic presence in our midst. The question isn’t whether or not he’ll be elected President. The question is: Have we, the American people, strayed so far from The Mark that was our Godly, Biblical values system that we will subject Carson to willfully ignorant abuse? If so, we are destined to suffer the same fate as that of ancient Israel. We don’t have 2,000 years to wait to rebuild our nation. For us, it is now or never.