Bill Whittle Proves Kirk Is the Best Star Trek Captain (Video)

Was Jean-Luc Picard ever really in the running? Not according to PJTV star Bill Whittle, who debated Nerds Like Us’ Bernie Bregman on my web-TV show this week.

The two nerdy titans went at it, to settle once-and-for-all which Star Trek captain was the best. Was it the French diplomat, Picard, or was it the spirited American, James T. Kirk?


Whittle argues, “Captain Kirk made the galaxy safe for whiny cry-baby effete snobby Frenchman capitulating cowards, with toffee-nosed British accents, to sail around the universe…”

Frankly with a lot more charisma than the political debates we’ve been seeing lately, Bill sure stuck to his guns…er…phasers. You’ll have to watch this episode of Comics ‘n Cocktails on to find out if he bested Bregman.

We also ask Bill if he feels as though he has accomplished his sci-fi nerd childhood dreams, now that he’s become a pilot. And we all bemoan the loss of NASA as a true exploration centre. Don’t miss Bill Whittle’s appearance!


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