WATCH: Uber Driver Posts Video of Assault by His Passenger

An Uber passenger has been arrested in Orange Country for allegedly assaulting his Uber driver. The driver posted video of the attack taken from his dashcam.


Benjamin Golden, 32, of Newport Beach was taken into custody Friday night at a Costa Mesa shopping center, where his driver had parked in order to kick him out of the car, Costa Mesa police Sgt. Jerry Souza said Sunday.

The driver, Edward Caban, told police that Golden repeatedly hit him and pulled his hair, prompting him to respond by pepper-spraying the passenger. He shared video of the incident with police.

The video shows the driver and passenger arguing about directions. The video also shows Golden fall over in the back seat of the car. Caban pulls into a parking lot and tells Golden he has to kick him out of the car.

“Get out of my car or I will call the police,” Caban says. “You’re too drunk to give me directions.”

The passenger opens his door, then begins to repeatedly strike the driver, shouting expletives at him and pulling his hair. Caban then pepper-sprays the man.

The police were called around 8pm at night and the passenger was arrested. Golden has been permanently banned from using the Uber service, a company spokesman said.

“I wanted to make sure he didn’t get away,” Caban said. “I have lost so much money on people like him and I’m done dealing with it. They take the food right out of my mouth.”




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