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GOP Campaigns Will Meet to Discuss Changing Debate Process and the RNC Isn't Invited

Via Politico:

Republican presidential campaigns are planning to gather in Washington, D.C., on Sunday evening to plot how to alter their party’s messy debate process — and how to remove power from the hands of the Republican National Committee.

Not invited to the meeting: Anyone from the RNC, which many candidates have openly criticized in the hours since Wednesday’s CNBC debate in Boulder, Colorado — a chaotic, disorganized affair that was widely panned by political observers.

On Thursday, many of the campaigns told POLITICO that the RNC, which has taken a greater role in the 2016 debate process than in previous election cycles, had failed to take their concerns into account. It was time, top aides to at least half a dozen of the candidates agreed, to begin discussing among themselves how the next debates should be structured and not leave it up to the RNC and television networks.

It’s about you-know-what time.

Leaving the media process up to an organization that is almost completely unaware that we left the 20th century a decade and a half ago was never a good idea. Let Reince and Co. continue to do the only thing they know how to: send fund raising letters disguised as surveys via snail mail for the octogenarians of the party.

As we noted here on Wednesday night, the Priebus tantrum that followed the debate was a bit ridiculous given his role in creating the problem.

The media will more than likely portray this as further evidence that the party is fractured, when it may very well mean the opposite. The RNC may be a clown car, but would a fractured party see its competing candidates come together for the greater good of the party?