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L.A. Unified Re-Fires Attorney Who Blamed 14 Year Old for Having Sex with Her Teacher

Hide your kids.

The attorney who argued in court that a 14-year-old was partly to blame when a teacher induced her to have sex has lost his job with the Los Angeles Unified School District for a second time — after an outcry over his rehiring.

Veteran attorney W. Keith Wyatt will no longer handle cases for the nation’s second-largest school system, the district confirmed Tuesday. The decision was made by General Counsel David Holmquist, who had defended Wyatt and the work of his firm in the past.

“Under the totality of the circumstances, it’s in the district’s best interests to take this action at this time,” Holmquist said.

Holmquist acted after a lengthy discussion about the case in a closed meeting of the Board of Education.

Such is the state of public education in America’s big cities that this happened after a “lengthy discussion”, and it was the second time they had to fire this guy.

This is the same school district that just last year agreed to a $139.2 million settlement because the board allowed this monster to continue teaching even after it knew what he was doing.

It would seem that the prudent route after something like that would be stricter internal policing and quicker admission of wrongdoing.

Not victim shaming and blaming.