Clock Boy's Dad Calls for a New Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

At a press conference Tuesday morning outside the U.S. Capitol Building,  Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamed’s father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, urged the president and Congress to amend the Constitution so that innocent people like his son would not be victimized by authorities ever again.


Ahmed brought a suspicious-looking “homemade clock” into MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas, last month, allegedly to impress his teachers. After refusing to cooperate with police, he was briefly arrested for bringing to school what authorities suspected was a “hoax bomb.”

Congressman Mike Honda (D-CA) organized the press conference so Ahmed and his dad could turn his arrest into a “teachable moment” to “raise awareness about racial and ethnic profiling.”

Ahmed, sounding heavily coached, gave a short, cringe-inducing, canned speech.

“I am glad that this happened to me,” the boy said. “I get to spread my word out to the people and tell them it’s not about the color of your skin or your religion.”

He went on to say that people should always “judge a person by their heart, not by what they look like.”

Ahmed’s father, who is known in Irving, Texas, as a sharia activist and provocateur, spoke in broken English after Rep. Honda’s speech.

Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed said that the congressman had left him nothing to say except “never-ever try to take innocent person and punish him until it has been proven he is guilty.” Mohamed went on to push for an amendment to the Constitution.


Because of the language barrier, it was not immediately clear what type of amendment he was talking about, but it could be presumed that it would have something to do with racial/ethnic profiling.

“We need to look at this and I am glad this is happened because people can try to come up with a good amendment to the Constitution. We don’t need to punish any innocent person!” Mohamed exclaimed.

“We see nowadays many innocents — not just my son — many innocent people that are not guilty, they be punished by a lot of things and they are innocent!” he declared.

“I urge President Obama and the congressmen and women to look at that because that is very important. All was happening to my son is something — he was innocent of it! He was just seeking help from his teacher. He just want to be out in this world and really — we would like to say we are living in a great country — the United States of America because the United States of America will look if there’s a problem — will not stand for it! They don’t  leave it go!”


He commended the people who came to the press conference, and suggested that what has happened to innocent children (like Ahmed) can happen to everybody. “So we need to fix this!”

Mohamed concluded by thanking everyone and said, “God bless America!”

Ahmed was allowed to take some questions from the press, but his handler deflected most of them — including a question about what sort of amendment to the Constitution Ahmed’s father had in mind.



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