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Jeb! Falls to Single Digits in New Florida Poll

The little legacy that couldn’t.

For the first time, former Florida governor Jeb Bush has fallen into single digits in a home-state Republican primary poll that shows Donald Trump still in front, trailed by Ben Carson and Sen. Marco Rubio.

Jeb Bush’s 9-percent, fourth-place showing in the University of North Florida poll is his worst showing in any survey of likely Florida Republican voters.

Sure, it is only one poll but it’s Florida. One of his only selling points to those of us who wouldn’t otherwise be inclined to vote for him is that he’s supposed to be able to deliver Florida.

Money is still not really a problem for Bush, although he has been forced to adjust his trust fund boy spending habits. Still, this isn’t anything like the coronation he was hoping for. One wonders how long he will hang around in pursuit of a job it doesn’t seem that he really wants anyway. If he does want it, he’s doing a marvelous job of hiding it.

Another thing to ponder is at what point all (or most) of the old guard GOP money that still flows to Jeb! will reroute itself to Marco Rubio, the most likely candidate for them shift allegiances to.