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Citizens United Haters Sanders and Clinton Have Combined $60.1 Million Cash on Hand

So much for the oligarchy.

Republican and Democratic presidential candidates hauled in an enormous $144 million in the third quarter of 2015 but the vast majority of the money flowed into only a handful of campaigns, leaving the 2016 race distinctively stratified into the haves, the have-notes and the hopeless.

Hillary Clinton paced both parties, ending September with $33 million in the bank. But her chief challenger, Bernie Sanders, was close behind with $27.1 million on hand, and he touted raising another $3.2 million since this week’s debate.

Democrats in general, and Bernie Sanders in particular, love to rail against Citizens United, spinning an easily debunked yarn about Super PACs using their money to mint candidates and purchase elections.

The flaw in the Dem/Socialist view is that they see a fixed money pie out there which says one person has a certain amount of money it is at the expense of another person. This weak-minded assessment discounts the ability of others to go out and hustle up just as much money on their own.

While the Super PACs can buy media all over the place and help influence voters, they can’t pay for a campaign-the candidates have to raise money to do that. In addition to the sixty-plus million the Democrat front-runners have in the bank, the four top non-Trump Republicans are sitting on $46.3 million in cash.

So it seems that there is plenty out there that isn’t a Super PAC-y.

The oblivious, bark-at-clouds old socialist Sanders is oblivious to the fact that his candidacy disproves all of his railing about “Citizens United and the oligarchy!” He routinely touts his record fund raising numbers and brags about it all coming from small donors. Were his dystopian tale about the rich folk financially drowning out the not-so-rich folk in an election his campaign staffers would be sharing a can of Spam with Lincoln Chafee’s.

The leftist contempt for Citizens United is about one thing, and one thing only: they want all of the big spending in elections to be done by public employee labor unions.

At least all of the people in Super PACs have freely given their money.