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Jeb! Raises $13.4 Million in 3rd Quarter, Trails Cruz, Rubio in Cash on Hand

Yeah, he’s still here.

Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign raised $13.4 million in the third quarter, an aide told CNN, a haul that could help the former Florida governor quiet concerns about the state of his campaign.

The question for Bush, who has built a formidable campaign with top-flight staff in all the early states, is whether he can sustain it.

Bush has $10 million cash-on-hand, the campaign aide said.

True, this should calm some of the old GOP money that supports Bush, but he’s not out burying his opponents with his fund-raising numbers, which was the original plan.

Bush is still a million behind Marco Rubio in cash on hand. Both are trailing Ted Cruz, who continues to run a quiet, smart campaign and has $13.5 million in cash on hand.

As for Jeb, he’s been spending like the trust-fund baby that he is but will now have to endure the horror of flying commercial.