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Hillary to Campaign with Katy Perry at Iowa Dinner

Hillary Clinton is bringing a millennial music star onto the campaign trail in an effort to add some “roar” to her campaign.

The Clinton campaign announced that Katy Perry “will rally Hillary Clinton supporters” on Oct. 24 in Des Moines before the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner.

A Democratic Party panel in the early caucus state voted in August to change the name of the popular annual dinner because Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson owned slaves.

“The vote to change the name of the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner comes after much debate and discussion among our activists and grass-roots leaders around the state,” state party chairwoman Andy McGuire said at the time. “This was not a decision that was made lightly. The vote today confirms that our party believes it is important to change the name of the dinner to align with the values of our modern-day Democratic Party: inclusiveness, diversity and equality.”

The dinner is big event for Iowa Dems, as thousands show up to hear candidates make their pitches before the Feb. 1 caucus.

Perry, 30, has more Twitter followers than President Obama and has sold some 11 million albums.

In June 2014, Perry tweeted, “I told hillaryclinton that I would write her a ‘theme’ song if she needs it.”

“Well that’s not a Hard Choice. You already did! Keep letting us hear you Roar,” Clinton replied, referring to Perry’s 2013 self-empowerment hit.

Clinton is trying hard to woo young voters. According to Public Policy Polling, Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) are tied at 36 percent with younger Dems. Clinton, meanwhile, is “dominant with seniors.”

The Democratic presidential candidates face off Tuesday in their first debate. CNN is hosting the Las Vegas event.