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(Video) Clock-Boy's Father Pushes 9/11 Conspiracy Theories on Facebook

Ahmed Mohamed, the Texas ninth-grader who was arrested and briefly detained for bringing what looked like a bomb to school, is in the news again thanks to his father.

Fox News has reported that Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed runs two Facebook pages — a pro-American Facebook page that is designed for the American public’s consumption, and an Arabic-language Facebook page that has a very different tone.

The latter page is Mohamed’s National Reform Party page, and according to Fox News’ Trace Gallagher, it is much more active, and recently shared a disturbing 9/11 conspiracy video:

That account has shared a 14-minute conspiracy theory video on the 9/11 attacks and a post that shows the smoking Twin Towers, describing it as a U.S.-sponsored hoax to launch a worldwide war against Islam.

Gallagher also reports that the Irving, Texas, school district has information that would “shed new light” on why “Clock-Boy” Ahmed Mohamed built a hoax bomb and brought it to school, but they can’t release it because he’s a minor, and his family would have to sign off on it.

Unfortunately, the district initially sent the release form to the wrong lawyer.

The president has invited Ahmed to the White House for Astronomy Night on Oct. 19.

Megyn Kelly highlighted the “disturbing new twist” on The Kelly File Wednesday: