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Obama Confident in Secret Service in Wake of Targeting Chaffetz

Of course he is.

President Barack Obama has not lost confidence in leadership of the U.S. Secret Service despite an investigation that revealed 45 employees accessed the personal information of a lawmaker investigating a string of security lapses, the White House said on Thursday.

This latest in the “string of security lapses” really wasn’t that at all though, however. It was blatant, authoritarian targeting, something that this administration has been known for. The White House isn’t likely to be too upset with orders that more than likely originated in the White House.

The next president is going to have quite a mess to clean up when he or she arrives in January, 2017. There are only a few who have the temerity to undo the stink that The Idiot King is going to leave behind, none of them Democrats.

If what’s been done isn’t undone, the stink will become permanent and we could be looking at an America that’s “Soviet Lite”.