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Naive Hillary Supporters Are in Love with 'Her' Tax Plan. The Only Problem? It's Donald Trump's

We all know that Hillary Clinton supporters are the biggest useful idiots out there, but it’s always nice when they confirm it for all the world to see. Just watch the video below, in which Jimmy Kimmel tricks Clintonistas into believing that a certain tax plan is hers. When they fully endorse it he drops the hammer: it isn’t Clinton’s, it’s Donald Trump’s.

The interviewer asks: “Would you support Hillary Clinton’s plan to cut the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 15 percent?”

“I think that’s a good idea,” a naive man who’s all in for Hillary answers. Yep, just great! This is why we need Democrats to be in control of the government. After all, no Republican candidate would ever dream up a plan like that, would he?

Another Hillary voter, a woman this time, wholly agrees with “Hillary’s” (read: Trump’s) plan to get rid of the real estate tax. Awesome! What a great idea! We need more of that! H-I-L-L-A-R-Y!

Umh, or Trump.

When these voters are told that the plans are actually Trump’s, some have a life-changing moment: one man says he’ll “support Donald Trump then.” Of course, not everybody’s convinced. Another woman, who was also pleased with the plan, immediately dismissed everything once she found out it’s Trump who’s pressing for these changes.

“I would say that’s shocking, but, I mean, if it is, I’m still not voting for Donald Trump, he’s a caricature.”

A caricature of who, dear liberal hack? Of Hillary?

The response of one Hillary voter says it all:

“I feel stupid.”

I bet he does.