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In Desperate Last Grasp for Relevance, O'Malley Calls for Overturn of Citizens United

America yawns.

Martin O’Malley called Thursday for public financing of congressional campaigns and strengthening the Federal Election Commission to help fight abuses.

Mr. O’Malley unveiled the campaign finance reform plan on a day when many campaigns put out their totals of money raised for the quarter.

Other elements of Mr. O’Malley’s plan include tougher disclosure rules for campaigns and, as he has said in the past, overturning the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision that helped pave the way for the current big-money era in political finance.

“This week marks the end of another campaign fund-raising quarter. I’m not naïve: Campaign resources are important,” Mr. O’Malley said. “But the staggering figures required to run for the highest office in the land aren’t as much a sign of muscle as they are an indication just how broken our democracy is.”

Poor little Marty, he so desperately wanted to be the shiny progressive alternative to Mrs. Bill. Instead, the progs have opted for an old VW hippie van of a socialist candidate. One who can raise money with the greatest of ease, by the way.

As we mentioned here last week, the whole “Citizens United will allow Super PACs to buy elections” scare could be permanently filed under “Nonsense” with the early exits of Rick Perry and Scott Walker from the GOP race. Both were awash in Super PAC money but couldn’t connect with voters and, as a result, didn’t have any hard cash in their wallets for day-to-day campaign expenses.

O’Malley wants to stake out some territory left of Hillary Clinton that Bernie Sanders hasn’t yet, so he’s released a plan on an issue that even lefties aren’t talking about right now.

Go home, Marty, your elders are embarrassing you.