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Eternally Clueless, Jeb! Sees Himself as the John McCain of 2016


As polls show Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush slipping, and though his donors may be worried, he’s certainly not, at least visibly.

Speaking to ABC News today, Bush offered an anecdote about a previous GOP candidate whose chances seemed slim.

“This time, eight years ago, John McCain was traveling through the Atlanta airport. I saw him and he had no aide, no person, [he was] by himself because his campaign was supposed to be ended,” Bush said of the Arizona senator. “He won the Republican primary that year. This is how the process works; you have to go earn it.”

Again, it is absolutely stunning to think that all he’s had to do for eight years is prepare for this. Why he would want to evoke McCain 2008 memories baffles the mind. One thing it proves is that he is completely unaware of how the conservative base thinks or feels. John McCain is one of the most reviled turncoat Republicans in Congress, as far as the base is concerned.

This also indicates that Jeb! has no clue about what his unshakable flaw is: we see him as the John McCain of 2016 too.

So will the voters in the general election.