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Bern Money: Sanders Raises $24 Million, Outpacing 2008 Obama Campaign

More bad news for Hillary.

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont raised more than $24 million for his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination in the last three months, a significant sum that was fueled by a torrid pace of online donations: more than a million so far.

Sanders advisers, in announcing the fund-raising tally on Wednesday night, also said that the senator had more than $25 million in cash on hand.

Sure, the numbers that Hillary is going to report soon will probably (although it’s not safe to bet on anything in this election cycle anymore) be bigger, but all she has been doing is kissing up to big-money Democrat donors. Sanders has been getting his donations from the little folk.

This is exactly how Mrs. Bill’s 2008 run began to unravel. What’s worse now is that Barack Obama was a rising, youthful star in the Democratic Party back then. His ascent could be somewhat explained. Sanders is a twenty-four-year Washington mainstay who wasn’t even supposed to be able to make a run at Martin O’Malley this year.

On the Republican side, the big establishment money is already nervous about Jeb! and threatening to bail. How much longer will the Hillary backers refrain from calling the vice president’s office?