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You GUYS...Mean Republicans Are Costing Taxpayers Money by Just Talking About Government Shutdown

Proof that modern journalism has an IQ ceiling of less than twenty.

Congressional Republicans’ threatened federal government shutdown is already costing U.S. taxpayers money and it has not even happened yet, budget experts said on Tuesday.

Whether or not the party’s conservative Tea Party faction forces a shutdown this week, there are real costs to discussing and preparing for the possibility of one, they said.

Making shutdown plans during the workday diverts federal workers from other tasks that then have to be put off, which costs time and money, said Yvonne Jones, a director at the Government Accountability Office, a non-partisan congressional watchdog. Jones wrote a report on the 2013 shutdown’s costs.

The Office of Management and Budget last week said “prudent management” meant federal agencies would be planning ahead for a possible Sept. 30 shutdown deadline by identifying which programs should be kept open and how to fund them.

The prolonged threat of a shutdown hurts staff morale, Jones said, further decreasing worker productivity. She said agencies have expressed concern over how much negativity the threat of a shutdown brought, even if it never happened.

I’ll give you a minute or three thousand to stop laughing about the idea that federal agencies engage in “prudent management” practices. That line alone should discredit this post and its author.

By the way, Republicans aren’t threatening a government shutdown, Ted Cruz is. The jellyfish floating atop the GOP leadership pool have been pretty clear that they are against it happening, so we once again have the liberal bias in the MSM in sync with the Republican establishment.

Still, they wonder where all of this anti-politician fever is coming from regarding the presidential hopefuls.

Rest peacefully, liberal America: Mitch McConnell has your backs.