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Would Your Date Dump You if You Mentioned Trump's Campaign?

Courtesy AP Images

Courtesy AP Images

If you’re looking for a date, you may not want to mention Donald Trump. According to new data gathered by the matchmaking site Zoosk, mentioning the billionaire’s campaign could leave your date heading for the hills. Out of the 4,000 people the site surveyed, 77% said they would “likely begin a lengthy, productive conversation” about politics if their date talked about Trump’s campaign.

Only 17% said that they would “run in the opposite direction” if Trump’s campaign was mentioned, with the majority being women. Zoosk’s relationship expert recommends that you “always respect your partner….If talk of Trump or Clinton ends in a screaming match, suggest a moratorium on future political discussions. As you progress in your relationship, you’re bound to have disagreements. It’s a better use of time to talk through the issues that directly affect your relationship versus those affecting legislators.”

The data revealed that women care more about politics than men, with 20% feeling that it’s important to know their potential partner’s political party. Women can also easily influence men, with 20% of men ages 18 – 24 saying they could be swayed by a woman to change their political beliefs.

Party lines have been crossed, with 75% of the clients admitting to dating someone with the opposite party affiliation at least once in their life. People 18 – 24 are more open to dating across party lines, while people over 24 admit that party affiliation keeps them from initiating a conversation.