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Donald Trump Isn't 'Sophomoric,' He's Worse than That

During this week’s CNN debate, Donald Trump once again proved he’s most likely the rudest, crudest and — frankly — most pathetic candidate ever to vie for the Republican presidential nomination. Here’s what he said in a debate with Rand Paul, the senator from Kentucky:

Now, I’m not a Paul-guy, but this is ridiculous. You’re running for the highest office in America — and want to become the most powerful guy on earth — and what do you do? You make fun of your rival because he isn’t a photo model.

We’re supposed to take Trump seriously — woe be on the blogger or columnist who doesn’t, he’ll be attacked relentlessly by Trump’s supporters — but that’s very hard to do when it’s clear he doesn’t take himself, his rivals, or the voters seriously. He’s not just pretending to be in “junior high,” as Rand said, he’s behaving like a three year old with a perpetual temper tantrum.

And we’re supposed to treat a man like that with respect?

No, thank you. He just doesn’t deserve it.