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Bad News for the Dowager Empress: Biden to Woo Black Caucus

As I’ve been saying in this space for months now, Hillary! will not be the Democrat candidate for president when 2016 rolls around. Her stumblebum campaign is an embarrassment to politicians everywhere and she’s underwater in the polls in both New Hampshire and Iowa. Meanwhile, here comes the Klown Prince of the superannuated Democrat field, testing the waters with a key constituency:

Continuing his pre-presidential campaign, Vice President Joe Biden will head to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation convention in Washington this weekend, according to sources familiar with the planning. Biden’s expected to attend the Phoenix Awards dinner on Saturday night, joining President Barack Obama, who will be headlining the event at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, and may participate in other parts of the convention as well.

If he gets into the 2016 race, Biden will be banking on a strong showing with the African-American community, particularly in South Carolina, where he’d be focusing most of his early state campaign energy. The CBC convention is the biggest gathering of African-American political power of the year.

At this point, anybody still giving Hillary! any money looks very much like a fool, a sucker, or a blackmail victim.