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Walker Abruptly Cancels Appearance at California GOP Convention

Just as his poll numbers in Iowa are disappearing fast than Hillary’s smile when asked about her email, Scott Walker has suddenly canceled plans to speak to the California Republican Convention in Anaheim next weekend.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has canceled plans to address the California Republican Party convention in Anaheim, Calif., next weekend, the Los Angeles Times is reporting.

Walker had been scheduled to deliver the keynote at the GOP gathering next Saturday but abruptly withdrew, according to the paper.

It is possible that Walker wants to focus more energy in Iowa, which is probably a must-win (or at least do very, very well) situation for him now.

However, Republican candidates don’t schmooze the California GOP for votes, electoral or otherwise. They come here for the same reason Democrats who are assured of winning here do — money. There are a lot of big donors here to court, and it probably isn’t a good sign that Walker is canceling. If it is for the reason mentioned in the above paragraph, it probably means all of the eggs are definitely being moved into one basket.

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