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Glenn Beck Lashes Out at Sarah Palin: 'She's a Clown!' UPDATED

UPDATE: On his radio show this morning Beck apologized for calling Sarah Palin a clown, but added that he just can’t understand her apparent support for Donald Trump, a candidate he passionately opposes.


Glenn Beck is fed up with Sarah Palin, one of the Tea Party’s real heroes. On his radio show on The Blaze yesterday, Beck lashed out at Palin over her apparent support for billionaire businessman Donald Trump. He called John McCain’s former running mate a “clown,” adding: “I’m embarrassed I once supported her.”


I didn’t listen to her speech. Yeah, I’m going to say it. I don’t care what Sarah Palin says any more. Sarah Palin has become a clown. I’m embarrassed that I was once for Sarah Palin. Honestly, I’m embarrassed.

That’s strong and powerful, but it becomes even worse (or better depending on your take on Palin):

Why do I say that about Sarah Palin? ‘How can you say that about Sarah Palin?’ Because I don’t know who she is any more, I don’t know what she stands for. I saw a clip of her talking to Donald Trump. What the hell is that? I don’t even know who she is any more. I don’t know what she stands for. I don’t know. She doesn’t know what I stand for. We had a falling out long ago because she listened to people who were lying to her about me. Fine. Don’t care. I don’t care.

Beck went on to say that he “doesn’t care” about politicians anymore. To him, this is about America’s future — or even the world’s future — not about scoring cheap political points with one (imagined) base or another. At the same time he believes that people like Palin and Trump only play political games.

It’s hard to disagree with Beck. Palin is clearly jumping on the bandwagon hoping it’ll give her a boost among Tea Partiers, while Trump used the rally to once again tell people to vote for him and to repeat that he is God’s biggest gift to America. E-vah. Buh-lieve me! He said a few things about Iran but mostly focused on his candidacy, telling people that if he’s nominated and eventually elected, people will be “bored of winning” all the time and more such nonsense. It was a pathetic display of megalomania and egotism at a rally meant to unite people against the Iran deal.

And yes, this rally mattered. Iran’s mad ayatollahs have said on dozens if not hundreds of occasions that they want to destroy “the big Satan” and “the little Satan,” meaning the U.S. and Israel. Ayatollah Khamenei — the supreme leader — has even written a book about it recently. Now, if there’s anything to be learned from history it’s that if an extremist says or writes something like that, you’d better take it seriously.

I mean: Hitler, anyone? The guy wrote about his intentions to kill the Jews, occupy Western Europe and enslave Eastern Europe years before he came to power. Guess what he did when he became Germany’s “führer” (or: “supreme leader,” interestingly enough)? That’s right, he did exactly what he had said.

There can be no doubt that the ayatollahs will do the exact same thing. They “promised” their people to wipe Israel off the map and attack the United States, and they will. That’s why this Iran deal cannot happen and why it’s so sad — if not downright pathetic — that some of the speakers at the rally used the occasion to play politics.

This isn’t about your ego, Mr. Trump, it’s about the future of Israel, Europe, and the U.S. Beck is right to call him and his wannabe supporters like Palin out for that.